Chloé Jordache

Singer | Song writer | Producer | Artist


At 21 years old, Chloé Jordache is a new force on the R&B scene— one that’s making waves. This tropi-cool chick hails from the islands of Hawaii and the Philippines, bringing chill vibes and even smoother tones to your eardrums. Dripping with emotion-soul lyrics and melodies that’ll make your heart ache, Chloé’s sound is R&Bae.

Despite humble beginnings, the potential was undeniable. Chloé became 'myspace famous’ during the era of mirror pics and customizable profile songs, and at 12 this singer/songwriter/dancer began touring, performing for Quincy Jones, and making her way through several girl groups.

While the early stages of her career were instructive, they were anything but smooth. Chloé found navigating the entertainment world tricky; Often, she’d find herself being forced to compromise her art, dealing with “managers” that refused to give her any creative control over the music she’d be singing. This artistic limitation was something she’d deal with until the age of 18, their stifling nature leading her into a temporary hiatus.

Super power. If you have tools to express yourself, you have power. If you can get your message out there, people can find you, and you can build communities together. Your creativity and your voice will be your weapon. Do not silence yourself. Use all that you have.
— Margot Terc

But now, Chloé Jordache is back in it. Releasing her Debut EP Coconut Water at the end of the year, this new project is ~all real~ with tracks produced by the artist herself. Her new EP is music for souls who don't belong to anyone— Laid over some wavy beats, with a voice commanding like Rihanna but silky like Ciara, Coconut Water will set the vibe right.  

Chloé Jordache isn’t just an artist, she’s an island in the ocean… Not lost, but not quite found. So grab a straw. Coconut water will take you there. Coming soon.