Chloé Jordache

Singer | Song writer | Producer | Artist | DJ

Artist Statement

I make music because I need to express myself. I am usually soft spoken and not a fan of confrontation. But though my lyrics, I can use my voice freely and comfortably.  I can touch on subjects that many people are afraid to say out loud. If these subjects are brought up, then we can finally grow as a society. My goal is to connect and touch people through my work. I want to open minds to new ideas, expose truth, and fill hearts with love. 


I am from a diverse background and culture which influences my music quite a lot. I incorporate tropical elements in my beats because of my Hawaiian and Filipino culture. These sounds are modernized by trap hi-hats and rap-like melodies. I try to make my music as unique as possible while remaining true to myself. I sing about real issues that I have gone through and stand up for freedom.


I am currently working on my first EP, Coconut Water. I’ve spent a lot of time on this because I only want to release work that truly represents me. This project is extra special because I created a couple of the beats on the tracklist- something I have not done before. The project highlights my struggles in the music business as well as being a woman in our society. The project also embraces being an ‘outsider’ and promotes self love- something I still work on every day.